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Bristot Sublime Coffee Beans 1kg

Bristot Sublime Coffee Beans 1000g

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Bristot Sublime 100% Arabica Coffee Beans.

Exclusive selection of the finest Arabicas - Bristot's elegant superior blend Bristot Sublime 100% Arabica is a delicate, sophisticated, elegant espresso, which is perfectly suitable for all methods of preparation. Its character is soft, well-balanced with slight, note of gentle acid, full of body and aroma. The Arabica beans for this gently roasted Espresso are only of the highest quality and selected in the cultivation countries East Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The individual variety are separately roasted and subsequently mixed - that way, each variety can be roasted with the perfect temperature for the perfect duration.

Please note this product will come in the old style packaging until the new branding (image on website) is released. Late 2022/Early 2023