Training & Education



We provide staff with introduction training and refresher courses on all aspects of coffee making. We offer both owners and staff with an in-depth demonstration of the entire coffee making process; how an espresso machine operates, creating excellent espresso, making every coffee drink on the menu, correct milk foaming techniques, proper presentation and cleaning and maintenance of machines. After the demonstration we get staff involved and give a hands-on, one-on-one practice session. This service is available to all our customers on request. Our Barista Training includes the following

Coffee Education

We educate staff on the reasons behind the techniques and the process used by Baristas so that the importance of doing things the correct way is understood. It is not simply a case of telling people to “Do it this way!”, our approach is “This is the best method because….”

The Perfect Espresso

Creating a great and consistent espresso is imperative. The Espresso is often underrated in the Irish market as “an Espresso” is not a popular drink by itself. Espresso is the essential element for all coffee based drinks and getting the perfect espresso every time is so important. If the espresso is bad, the resulting Americano, Latte, Cappuccino etc. will not be good. In our training we emphasise the importance of Espresso and spend time ensuring all aspects of the Espresso are right.

Coffee Based Drinks

Through the training process we cover how to prepare all coffee based drinks from the popular Americano or Cappuccino to the less common Macchiato or Ristretto.

Milk Frothing

Time is also spent showing the correct method when heating or steaming milk. The difference in techniques between foaming milk for a Cappuccino, and steaming milk for a Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate or Flat White are explained.


There are a number of ways of improving the presentation of respective coffee drinks. We discuss the best way to make an Americano, creating a layered Latte, using Stencils, Etching or free pouring and Latte Art. Presentation of drinks is so important, as it increases the customers’ perceptions of their experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

An important and often under-valued part of making coffee is the proper cleaning and maintenance of the espresso machine and equipment. In training we explain the importance of cleaning, how the oils from old coffee will have an adverse effect on the taste of new coffee. Proper cleaning procedures are demonstrated at the end of a training session.